A lingerie designer and an opera singer walk into forever 21….


The shopping adventures of two besties who know the secret to keeping your wallet on a diet without sacrificing style


Living in the best city in the world undoubtably gives you access to amazing clothes, shoes and accessories but the one thing I’ve learned is that spencey doesn’t necessarily = chic. Its all about the right fit, silhouette and fabrication. Unfortunately there are lots of ladies running around this island dripping in chanel, gucci and prada who look like sad bargain bin barbies…and then there is my fashion idol whom I met on a bus in Amsterdam. I was 14 and she was 6…she was then and still is the my stylish bitch I know: my adopted baby sister, Brooklyn Snow.


Growing up in some of the coolest cities around the world– like Amsterdam and Hong Kong, for my moms job at Nike, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to some of the worlds best fashion.

Bex and I met at a young age (grade school and middle school) and figured out early on in life, as we sketched out our outfits for the week on the bus ride to school screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-2-16-19-pm , how to be resourceful with our shopping allowance and not spend a fortune on the key look of the season. Once we knew how&where to shop for trendy look a likes, we realized that being stylish in everyday life on a dime– it was a no brainer.
For starters, if you think places like
Tj maxx, forever21, and H&M are below you- you thought wrong. Follow our style advise blog and learn how to create a million dollar look for under $50.




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